Fine Art

There is something stunning about a lady in red. Some may say that it really doesn't matter what shade of red it is, as long as it's red. So what makes red the color that grabs people's attention? That's the age old question. Perhaps it gives the impression that the person is bold and takes risk, or maybe it is such a complimentary color that it brings out the best features. Regardless of what makes red the powerful color that it is, one thing is certain, models wearing red definitely make a statement in the images we capture!


Welcome to the underground at RAW! On this hot Scottsdale night, guests were treated to some unforgettable music, stunning art pieces and fabulous fashions and designs. This month's RAW showcase featured many local painters, musicians, photographers, models and designers. Martini Ranch hosted the festivities, aptly named Solstice in honor of the astronomical event that only takes places twice a year. RAW's motto is "we dig the underground" with its focus on bringing spotlight to independent artists. RAW events are always full of energy and excitement, bringing the art community together with buyers and fans of creativity.


Students often ask what the secrets are to a successful fashion shoot. While there are so many things that come to mind, one important aspect of fashion that new photographers and models should keep in mind is accessories. Partnering with great designers and stylists on a shoot can make all the difference because they provide a wide variety of embellishments to allow you to capture the perfect look for the client. At any given shoot, you just never know what inspiration may arise...even polka dots and pearls!


Spring is such a great time of year, both for fashion and for bringing vibrant color to the Arizona desert. This is the time of year where even the prickly cactus brings beautiful blooming flowers! It's also time to toss out the jeans and look to lighter, more festive clothing. We always look forward to capturing the latest in spring fashions, with new color schemes and unique trends for the season. This year the fashionable are unveiling colorful sun dresses, oversized glasses, bulky jewelry and sandals with bling!


Las Vegas Again! AD Photoworks took another journey to Las Vegas to participate at WPPI, the world's largest trade show for wedding and portrait photography. Each year, thousands of people travel across the globe to experience this action packed event. Attendees had the opportunity to review the latest in camera equipment, lighting and backgrounds, software, print products, promotional items and much more. Exhibitors showcased products perfect for recording life's special memories including baby books, graduation albums and wedding albums, just to name a few. Held at the fabulous MGM Grand, this was the 32nd annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention. Many notable names were in attendance such as Canon, Nikon, B&H Photo, Mpix and Bay Photo.


Peacocks invade Martini Ranch! Large crowds were in attendance to experience the eclectic blend of art inspirations, from the dark and mysterious to the fun and lively. This month's RAW showcase treated guests to some unforgettable moments, including a DJ spinning records while painting graffiti on canvas, a variety of art pieces from several photographers and painters, and a peacock feather filled fashion show! Activate was the first showcase at RAW's newest venue, Martini Ranch in Scottsdale. RAW is an independent arts organization with chapters in Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York and other cities connecting artists and fostering creativity. Check out the next RAW event for a night filled with imagination and plenty of surprises!

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Welcome to the largest CES in history! Every January, people from around the world flock to Las Vegas for CES, the world's largest consumer electronics and technology trade show. Attendees have the unique opportunity to see the latest in tech gadgets and upcoming technologies. Walking the show floor is an overwhelming test of your senses, with people whizzing by and flashing lights and sounds all around! CES set a show record this year with nearly 2 million square feet of show floor, over 150,000 attendees and 20,000 new products launched. In its 44 year history, CES has provided an incredible launching platform for new innovations in electronics and technology.

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