Fine Art

There is something stunning about a lady in red. Some may say that it really doesn't matter what shade of red it is, as long as it's red. So what makes red the color that grabs people's attention? That's the age old question. Perhaps it gives the impression that the person is bold and takes risk, or maybe it is such a complimentary color that it brings out the best features. Regardless of what makes red the powerful color that it is, one thing is certain, models wearing red definitely make a statement in the images we capture!


Students often ask what the secrets are to a successful fashion shoot. While there are so many things that come to mind, one important aspect of fashion that new photographers and models should keep in mind is accessories. Partnering with great designers and stylists on a shoot can make all the difference because they provide a wide variety of embellishments to allow you to capture the perfect look for the client. At any given shoot, you just never know what inspiration may arise...even polka dots and pearls!