Fine Art

Capturing the essence of Aberlour! We experimented with several different lighting concepts until we found the one that was just right. For those not familiar with Aberlour, it is a distillery located in the Speyside region of Scotland, a very abundant whisky producing area due to its local climate and water sources. As legend has it, in the mid 1970's, while installing new stills, workers found a bottle of 1898 Aberlour whisky, along with a newspaper article about a distillery fire that year. As the only remaining bottle from that period, the contents were analyzed in a lab and recreated as A'bunadh, which roughly translated from Scottish Gaelic means "the original". A'bunadh is known for its rich, amber color as well as its smooth sweetness. This single malt whisky is bottled straight from the sherry cask, which gives it the sweeter flavor. A'bunadh is made the same way that whisky was produced in the 1800's, with no modern filtering methods and no added water. Released in limited batches, this rich, smooth malt is best enjoyed in a Glencairn glass.

Final Image