Fine Art

Where would fashion be without the imaginative minds of designers? From fabric and color selections to belts and jewelry accents, these talented artists bring us uniquely bold creations. AD Photoworks recently spent some time working with several Arizona designers, each sharing their inspiration and vision for their products. We always enjoy working with new designers and capturing the essence of their creations, many of which were showcased during Phoenix Fashion Week.

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Let's Eat! While on location in downtown Los Angeles, we can never resist stopping at the Grand Central Market. Watch out for sensory overload when you walk through! The market is filled with amazing aromas of foods with influences from all over the world. As you walk through, you see hundreds of different fruits and vegetables as well as an amazing variety of cooked cuisines. Grand Central Market was established in 1917 and is the oldest and largest open air market in Los Angeles. The next time you're in downtown LA, treat yourself with a trip to the market, you'll be glad you did!


Welcome to SEMA - the world's greatest car show! SEMA showcases the imagination and creativity of the greatest automotive designers, fabricators and painters. Whether you're into the retro look of the Hot Wheels Camaro or appreciate polished wheels on a Bugatti, SEMA has it all! This automotive event takes place once a year in Las Vegas and is not open to the public. AD Photoworks has been attending and photographing SEMA for many years, always capturing the latest in automotive style!